Sam Hobbs's Web Site

I am a 66 year-old programmer. This is my web site.

Many years ago, I was an IBM Mainframe COBOL programmer. Since then I have been doing C++, C# and other languages. A few years ago I helped in the CodeGuru forums. As a result of my volunteer work in the CodeGuru forums, I created my Sam's Simple Samples web site that I have since put many things for programmers. I have also been involved in the following forums.

I have also been a victim of Asthma. Due to that, many years ago, I often went hiking. There was a time many years ago when I could not walk on the sand at the beach for more than a few minutes without having to pause and catch my breath. When my health began to improve I began going on hikes. I lived close to Griffith Park and began walking to Griffith Park. The walk up to the observatory was a challenge. When it was no longer a challenge, I began hiking up the Arroyo Seco from JPL. When that was no longer a challenge, I began hiking up to Strawberry Peak and other hikes. When Strawberry Peak was no longer a challenge, I began hiking up the Mount Wilson trail to Mount Wilson. When Mount Wilson was no longer as much of a challenge (it is always a challenging hike) I began hiking up Mount Baldy from the village. The first time I made it to the top of Mount Baldy, I rested a day and then tried to get to the top of Mount Whitney. I made it nearly to the top of Mount Whitney but it was late enough that I was concerned I would run out of daylight and I did not have a flashlight. I made it back to the trailhead just as I lost all sunlight. The ultimate challenge is to hike from the Palm Springs Museum to the top of the Palm Springs Tramway. That hike would be a monster hike, much more of a challenge (over 8,000 foot elevation gain) than the traditional Mount Whitney hike.

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