This is mainly about my experience with COBOL. This will sound like a resume so feel free to ignore this.

I first began learning COBOL in High School. The Los Angeles school systems did not have any computers for use by students but they did offer off-campus classes at other places on Saturdays such as at a Junior College and at IBM. I learned COBOL at an IBM data center on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.

I joined the United States Army in 1972 and was sent to the Army's COBOL programming class. I taught the instructors more than they taught me. Then I was sent to Fort Monroe, Virginia. While there I applied maintenace to a program and upgraded it such that it did a Binary Search to look up items but it also dynamicaly added items to the list if they did not yet exist. Such programming is extremely common now but not so common then.

As a contractor I got Lockheed Aircraft as a customer in 1982. One of my assignments was to write a program to transfer files from the Black World (classified department) to the White World. I completed the assignemt (using COBOL and utilities) in two months and they were so impressed they hired me. As an employee one noteworthy assignement was to fix a program that was intended to reconcile the Engineering Parts List with the Manufacturing Parts List.

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