Cryptocurrency are digital assets, often called digital money. Bitcoins are the most well-known. I will assume you are at least somewhat familiar with Bitcoins. They change in value often, sometimes drasticaly. See Bitcoin Price Index — Real-time Bitcoin Price Charts for charts showing the value and volatility of Bitcoins. Cryptocurrency can get very complicated very easily.

To get started with Bitcoins you can create an account in Blockchain; there are others like that site. When you create an account you will get a Wallet ID that is like a userid that you will protect like a userid and an Address that you use for identification purposes so others know who you are anonymously. Use your Bitcoins using the Address.


It is possible to mine for Bitcoins or most any of the Cryptocurrency. Mining means finding the currency without purchasing it. It is legal in most countries. You just need lots of processing power; supercomputers work best. To get many coins the computers need lots of electricity; it might cost $1,000 a month to mine Cryptocurrency. Mining can be very complicated and technical.

There are many levels of mining. It is possible to do it using a desktop computer; that is how it got started. If you do it using your home computer then you might get a penny a day. Honeyminer is one site that makes it easy to mine for Cryptocurrency using a desktop computer. You will need a Wallet Address for Honeyminer to put your Cryptocurrency.

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