This is a work in progres but the following are words that are frequently misused and that misuse bothers me.


One word that bothers me is blog. What were articles a few years ago are now blogs.


I don't like the overuse of as; it is ambiguous, it can mean since and it can mean something that happens in parallel.


Another word that is ambiguous is may; it can mean can (as if to say has permission) or it can mean might.


Another word that is overused is aim, as in the aim of the system is to do whatever.


The word different is often overused. It is (almost always) improper to use it when there are more than two of something.


Another word is got, as in Got Milk and Got Mail.


People often say face instead of encounter or have.


Another overused word is achieve.


Once I saw a newsreel saying that Marilyn Monroe went to a gay party. Young people would misunderstand, right? Lately they are trying to get people to use gender-neutral language. I say I will try to if they will stop abusing the word gay, as if no heterosexual person is ever gay.

 Is and are

News people are unfamiliar with the words is and are. I suppose if someone were to tell them the words exist they would just say that news people do not use such language.