Venice Beach California Camera Views

The following is intended to be a simple legend of the BEACH CAM - Live streaming webcam from Venice Beach, California. I think the website should do something like this but I don't see such a thing. This is not the best but I hope it helps.

The following are the views available.

Look at the far left of the Wide View. There is a cone in the sand at the far left, so small that it is difficult to see. The same cone can be seen at the right of the Graffitti Pit and at the far left (almost outside the image) of Surfs Up. It is also in the top-middle of Skateboard Warm Up. Skate Dance Plaza is to the right of Skateboard Warm Up. Finally, Skate Park is above (further away from) Skateboard Warm Up.

Graffiti Pit
Surfs Up
Skate Park
Wide View
Skateboard Warm Up
Skate Dance Plaza

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